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March 30, 2006

Do they really have to do this?

Filed under: People,Politics — Singari Vijay @ 11:42 am

Do they really have to do this? Is this what we wanted to hear on Ugadi?

Today Andhra Pradesh government announced that they are going to sell off the land owned by several temples. Our so called secular governments already have an unacceptable control over the properties and revenues of only Hindu temples.

The department of endowments and the government of Andhra Pradesh should be the care takers and protectors of the temples and temples’ properties. This is not a job our government is expected to do for free. A majority of our people are generating so much revenue to the government through temples. Government is already diverting these funds from temples to other activities.

And now, the government wants to sell off the temple lands. This is totally unacceptable. Speak up, speak out, spread the word and STOP THIS.

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