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October 16, 2005

Hot Air Balloons

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For me it looks like there is a relation between hot air ballooons and photography. The spectacular colors of balloons and the film’s ability to capture all those brilliant colors seem like made for each other.

First time I ever saw a hot air balloon in person was in Texas. We were in Houston, Texas at that time and there was NASA Open House and ‘Ballunar Festival’. It was in August 2001. I happened to capture some of those balloons on film.

The picture I liked most... Clear blue sky and a colorful balloon!
The picture I liked most… Clear blue sky and a colorful balloon!

Early morning _ Preparing for liftoff
Early morning _ Preparing for liftoff

Mass liftoff
Mass liftoff

AAA Texas Balloon
AAA Texas Balloon

Spectacular Colors
Spectacular Colors

You can find more information about this balloon festival by following this link: Ballunar Festival

June 10, 2005

Mill Creek Park

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We moved to Boardman, Ohio a couple of years ago on my new job. When we moved here we didn’t know much about this place, we were living in Pittsburgh, PA at that time. In Boardman, we rented a condominium, which was very close to my work. The new place was great for us. It was a two bedrooms and two-storied house with a basement. The best thing was, it was very close to work: just about a mile!

To make the things better, a friend at work told me about Mill Creek MetroParks. He had told me lot of good things about the park, but I did not pay much attention at that time. After a month or so, on a Sunday, my wife and I went to the park. What a pleasant surprise we had! My friend was absolutely right. That was really a beautiful place. The park had everything there: creeks, rivers, flowers, birds, fish and more.

Since my first visit to the park, I have been taking pictures of the things I liked there. I would like to show you some of those pictures now.


Fall in Mill Creek Park

Fall in Mill Creek Park... Another Photo


Lanterman's Mill

Mill Creek

Coverd Bridge

A Creek


Spring Flowers

A Spring Flower


Water Lily

A Rose

Pioneer Pavilion

View From Fellows River side Garden

June 1, 2005


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Things that interest me are people, politics, culture, religion, history and photography. Among these photography fascinates me more than any other.


This is a picture of the shore temple at Mahabalipuram. This temple has always attracted me with its well-balanced and sophisticated architecture. This is not a huge construction like many other temples in Bharath and yet this shows the beautiful, creative and aesthetic imagination of the people who built it. I like this beauty and creativity very much and I would like to have it for myself. Photography allows me to do just that: I can capture the feeling and the mood of places and people, and can bring them with me. That is why photography fascinates me more than any other thing.

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