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Portabellas in Sesame Sauce

I don’t cook mushrooms that often. They are Vijay’s (my husband’s) division. He likes all types of mushrooms and often cooks them himself. He usually grills or dry sautés mushrooms but when he is in a mood to spend an extra 5 minutes in the kitchen, he whips up a sesame sauce to go along with his grilled mushrooms. He got this recipe from a Korean website. This sesame sauce is like an Indian version of one of the curry sauces but without the onions and other extras. I like the sauce so when he makes this, it’s a win-win for both us as I don’t eat mushrooms. Preparing this sauce is such an easy and quick task and he makes this himself most of the times without me setting foot in the kitchen.


Portabella mushrooms РQuickly rinse or wipe of portabellas with a paper towel. Remove the roots and make &#43(plus shape) cuts on them. After lightly covering them with sesame oil, stir-fry or grill them until they are golden and sprinkle with some salt and remove. When saut̩ing in a pan, leave space around the mushrooms, so that they brown evenly.

Sauce – Toast half cup of sesame seeds and 4 to 6 red chilli peppers. Make a fine paste of them by adding a small piece of ginger, salt and molasses or sugar, half teaspoon each or to your taste.

Portabellas, Sesame Seeds, Red Chilli Peppers and Molasses….Grilled Portabella Mushrooms


Heat a teaspoon of peanut oil in a pan. Add sesame sauce to the pan and also half cup of water. Simmer on medium-low heat for about five minutes, or until the sauce thickens.

Plate a grilled portabella on a serving plate. Pour a tablespoon of sesame sauce over it. Enjoy the portabella with sesame sauce.

Grilled Portabellas in Sesame Sauce, Lentil Soup and Rice

Our meal – Rice with Portabellas in Sesame Sauce and Chappidi Pappu (Plain Lentil soup).

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  1. Thanks a lot,Indira,for taking care of the pics in the first page.It’d be nice if you can put up a post for making chapatis.I did not find them.Correct me if I am wrong.

    Comment by sana — July 6, 2005 @ 6:56 pm

  2. You should see my latest post…

    Comment by Stephanie — July 6, 2005 @ 8:14 pm

  3. Sana – I will post about chapatis soon. Thanks for your interest.

    Comment by Indira — July 7, 2005 @ 8:41 am

  4. Wonderful post and photos Indira! I can almost smell the mushrooms, mmmmm… I’ll try to make this next time I come across portabellas.

    Comment by Karen — July 8, 2005 @ 2:37 pm

  5. Hi Ms. Indira,

    Thanks for the stuffed mushroom recipe. I just put the mushrooms in the oven for baking 🙂 Everything in the prep was good except for breaking an egg white into the mushroom. I could not do it to perfection. I had to break it into a container and then put the egg white into the mushroom. Anyways, thanks a lot for this recipe. your site is amazing and a dictionary for me for every dish that my mom makes.


    Comment by Lalitha — July 4, 2009 @ 7:09 pm

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