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Ravish the Radish ~ Radish Curry

Fresh radishes that we get here in spring time are the best. They make a colorful curry-salad, has a bit of crunch and lots of flavor and when served with chapatis, makes a satisfying light lunch.


Fresh Radishes 15 to 20
Red pepper flakes 1 tsp
Salt and turmeric each 1/4 tsp
For popu or tadka: 1 tsp each mustard seeds, cumin, minced garlic & curry leaves

Radish - Bite sized piecesRadish Saute

Preparation is very simple. First, scrub and wash the radishes, remove the damaged ones. It’s not necessary to peel if they are fresh. Dice or slice them into bite-sized pieces.

In a pan, add 1 tsp of oil, do the popu, add the radishes, saute them for few minutes. Add salt and red pepper flakes, cover and cook them for few seconds. Don’t over cook them, they will turn into soggy tasteless bits. They taste better when they are served hot. You can prepare this curry while making chapatis. All it takes is 5 minutes, that’s it.

It is difficult to muster much enthusiasm for radishes, I know. But they are rich source of vitamin C and look colorful when cooked. Hold your nose and munch them for your health. That’s the way I eat my radishes.

Red radish curry with chapatis

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