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Hindu Kush mountain range touching the skies.

HinduKush Mountain Range


An impromptu party with a ‘butter cake’ from our neighbourhood famous ‘Peevis’ bakery on Brother-in-law’s wedding anniversary, amid the other BIL marraige hungama. In addition to homemade sweets like payasam etc., celebrating with a cake seems to be a must and norm nowadays, a recent happening in small towns like ours.

Butter Cake - Wedding day greetings - Nagarjuna & Janaki


Preparing jangris is an art, so we hired the “Master”.

Jangris in Hot Oil

“Master” at work (Yes, master is his nickname, really, because of his expertise in making traditional sweets), finishing off preparing the last batch of jangris.
Piping the jangri batter in beautiful flower shape in hot oil.
Deep fried jangris taking a sugary soak in cardamom infused sugar syrup.

Jangri: A traditional sweet, usually made for marraiges, my favourite.


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