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All last week, we were in Toronto. This was our first visit to this Canadian city and we also found that it is very tourist friendly. We stayed at a hotel in downtown. One of the things we liked about the city is its public transport system. Trams and subway system were excellent and we never had to use our car, it just sat in the hotel garage.

In addition to regular tourist attractions, we also visited India Bazaar on Gerrard street. Dined at a south Indian vegetarian restaurant on Gerrard Street called Udipi Palace. We enjoyed having hot masala Dosa, Idli and Vada. There is also a new grocery shop, Sabji Mandi, opened in Brampton. They had an outrageous opening sale going and I went nuts. Bought about 150 dollars worth of groceries there. The prices for items like rice, dals and vegetables were unbelievable. Two 10 pound Basmathi rice bags for $8.99, 8 pound dal bag $2.99! I think with the purchases I did, I am set for this winter.

Photos of Toronto in December winter weather:

Lake Ontario, on a very cloudy, wintry day
Lake Ontario- view from the top of CN Tower

CN Tower, Toronto
CN Tower, Toronto

Financial District, Downtown, Toronto
Financial District, Downtown-Toronto

For this week in Indian Kitchen:

Indian Sugar Purchased at Subji Mandi, Toronto
Indian Sugar (Large Crystal Type) Purchased at Subji Mandi, Toronto

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