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Menu for Hope (Fund Drive for World Food Programme)

For the past 3 years, every year during December, food bloggers from all around the world would get together and offer raffle prizes to support a good cause. Fellow food bloggers, readers/fans of food blogs and interested people bid on these prizes and the generated money is used for the cause.

Last year the fund drive was for UNICEF, to help earthquake victims of Kashmir. The effort generated about 17,000 dollars. Great, isn’t it? This year to benefit ‘World Food Programme’ – a UN’s branch, which has been providing food to people all over the world since 1962 whenever, wherever needed. The driving force behind all this effort is a generous, fellow food blogger Pim of Chez Pim. She is organizing and coordinating this fund drive through several co-hosts and reputable

From my side, I am offering 3 prizes for this fund drive. Middle eastern cookies – Mamouls, traditional Andhra sweets – Sunnundalu (both are made by me) and an Indian cookbook. Each item will be sent to the winning bidder neatly packed and shipping expenses paid. The cookies, sweets and the book are among the best in their class.

1. Mamouls: 12 count. Prize Code: UW29

Ma'amouls (Delicate date Cookies) Exquisite, one of a kind, delicious date cookies from Middle-east

Rosewater flavored cookies – Sweetly crisp, grainy covering on the outside and insides are sweet moist filling of honeyed dates. Homemade and styled using a wooden mamoul mold.
Dough – semolina, all purpose flour, yeast, ghee, organic turbinado sugar and rose water
Filling – honeyed Tunisian dates, organic turbinado sugar and rose water
You can see the similar preparation using wooden mamoul mold – here.

2. Sunnundalu (Urad Dal Laddu): 20 count. Prize Code: UW30

Traditional sweet from Andhra Pradesh, India

Using an old world style grain mill, roasted urad dal is ground with sugar into fine sand like powder. Pure ghee along with cardamom powder is added and the mixture is shaped into perfect rounds. Prepared by following centuries-old traditional method, this sweet from my home state is a sheer delight and much beloved because of its unique taste and nutritional value. A must for celebrations and I am proud to offer this prize.
Whole Urad dal, Ghee prepared from bovine hormone-free butter and organic turbinado raw cane sugar and cardamom powder.
For detail recipe and photos of preparation – click here.

3. Cooking at Home with Pedatha – by Jigyasa Giri, Pratibha Jain.
First edition and brand-new. Prize Code: UW33

Front Cover of Cookbook ~ Cooking at home with Pedatha
Cookbook ~ Indian (Andhra) Cuisine

“Rendered in stunning aesthetics, here is a traditional fare from Andhra Pradesh, the rice-bowl of India which boasts of one of the sweetest of languages and spiciest of foods. Fluffy, steaming rice with spicy chutneys, piquant powders, wholesome dals and mouth-watering vegetables. In easy-to-do-steps, learn these traditional vegetarian recipes as taught by an 85-year-young grandmother.”
Kindly offered by the authors for this fund drive. Thanks Jigyasa and Pratibha!
Cookbook Details:
Authors website:
Market price and Reviews at:

There are several neat prizes offered by fellow food bloggers from all around the world – from homemade goodies to cookbooks to dinner at fabulous restaurants. Click here for the complete list.

The site – First Giving, that Pim set up is secure and safe, accepts both Visa and Master Card (I’ve donated through it last year, no problems and very easy to do). I strongly believe that the money we generate goes towards feeding at least few hungry mouths. Please see if you would be able to contribute by bidding on the items of your choice. Thanks!

How to Contribute:

Go to

Contribute. Each $10 will give you one raffle ticket towards a prize of your choice. Please specify which prize or prizes you’d like in the ‘Personal Message’ section in the donation form when confirming your donation. Do mention how many tickets per prize, and please use the prize code -for example, a donation of $20 will buy you 2 tickets for UW29 (Mamouls).

Please include and also check the box to allow organizers to see your email address, so that they could contact incase you win the prize.

The event will be closed on 22nd December and raffle prize winners will be announced on January 15 at Chez Pim and respective blogs. (The drawing will be done electronically).

Not into prizes, the whole hungama-you just want to donate(like I did last year). You can do that also.

If you need more information about the prizes, please contact me using the comments form below. Thanks.

Cynicism is fine but compassion rocks! Choose rocking choice. Go bid and have fun!

To all the contributors and to:

Nupur, SaltShaker, Gita, Hyma, Roopa, Siri, Aparna T, Prava, Indybear, Nina, Gini, Boranam, ok, Aparna T and Stephanie

Thank You!

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