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Raffle Results : FAHC~Subscribe to Smiles

Your passionate response to the “FAHC-Subscribe to Smiles fund-drive” is clearly indicative that all of us are determined to make a positive difference in the world. By being calmly active and actively calm, the encouragement, confidence and support you showed is heartwarming. It is truly an honor to receive such a response. I believe that we are helping ourselves, for a better tomorrow, by helping our future generations.

My thanks to the fellow bloggers and friends, who believed in this effort and readily donated time and offered amazing prizes:

Vijay K Narayanan, Anjali, Bee&Jai, Manisha, Padmaja, Shilpa, Mythili, Siri, Richa, Madhuli and Maria.

Special thanks to author and chef Suvir Saran and to Shruthi Reddy for their compassion, generous contribution and prize offers. It is a blessing to have such kind-hearted friends. I am also grateful to all who have written about this event and spread the word.

I sincerely thank all individual donors on behalf of fundraising team for the contributions. You are the people who made the goal accomplished. Your encouragement gave the FAHC team a great positive push to keep working continuously towards this mission. Thank you again for your generosity, which will make it possible for many children to have a quality life. You can find more details about the FAHC campaign, and the benefiting children at

For raffle-draw, I had taken the help of my friend’s daughter, three year old Manasa, to randomly pick the winners. For each prize, we have written down all the names and placed the folded paper slips in a jar. A vigorous shake and a pick. One prize at a time, the raffle-draw turned out to be a pleasant affair, all thanks to little cutie pie Manasa.

From Manasa’s hands, here are the raffle results:

FAHC Subscribe to Smiles: Raffle Fund-Drive Results
(Goal= $3,360, Duration= 9 days, Donors= 109, Money Raised = $4,735)
Went to
1. Grains, Greens, and Grated Coconuts
(14 raffle tickets)
Kala Narayan
2. Supreme Spice Gift Box
(11 raffle tickets)
Priya Ramamurthy
3. Complete Digital Photography (Two copies)
(10 raffle tickets)
Krithika Sukumaran
Padmaja Kochera
4. American Masala (Two Copies)
(15 raffle tickets)
Shruthi Reddy
5. Indian Home Cooking (Two Copies)
(8 raffle tickets)
Archana Bhat
6. Dinner for two at Devi (Two Prizes)
(1 raffle ticket)
7. Children’s Saree Dress (Two Prizes)
(2 raffle tickets)
Megha Abburu
Deepika Gadiparthi
8. Fair-trade Goodies Bag (Two Prizes)
(4 raffle tickets)
Swati Thorat
Ashwini of Food for Thought
9. Mountain Valley~ Oil on Canvas
(7 raffle tickets)
10. Ceramic Vindu Plate
(4 raffle tickets)
Vasantha Vemula (Rohini)
11. 30-Minute Meals
(1 raffle ticket)
Chandana Pandrangi
12. Dark Chocolate Made with Icewine
(3 raffle tickets)
Lee and Friends
13. Cooking at Home with Pedatha
(12 raffle tickets)
14. Dakshin
(2 raffle tickets)
15. Essential Andhra Cookbook
(7 raffle tickets)
Dee and K
16. World Vegetarian
(4 raffle tickets)
Ranjini Rajeevan
17. Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cooking
(1 raffle ticket)
Spandana and Jagadish
18. The Red Chilli
(1 raffle ticket)
Sreelu of Tasty Travels

All the winners will be notified via Email. The winners have to provide and confirm their shipping addresses. The prize sponsors will then send the gifts directly to the winners. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for the prizes to reach you. Thank you.

Questions, concerns? Please contact me at

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