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Weekend Seattle: Can-Am Pizza, Bellevue

Nothing makes a newcomer feel more “loved” than their food being called “Dirt”. Thank God that not everyone in Seattle has the poor taste that Dylan W of Metroblogging Seattle brags about as though it were a virtue. How authoritatively this middle-aged man writes about the taste of dirt – perhaps an authority born out of having actually eaten it.

Anyway, it has been a year and half since we moved to this city and it has taken that much time for me to feel comfortable to talk about the city and the places we frequent.

One of the things I want to write about is Seattle’s eateries. If you are a veteran reader of this website, then you would already know about my pizza passion. We usually prefer local places rather than national chains. While we were looking for a decent pizzeria, one of our good friends recommended the Can-Am Pizza located at Bellevue. A branch of local, small, chain, this Indian-owned pizzeria serves besides the regular bland-cheese fare, Indian speciality pizzas. Good crust layered with zesty sauce and light cheese, bedecked with vegetables and paneer or chicken tikka toppings, piping fresh and bubbling hot, it’s just the kind of inspired pizza pie that may save a Seattleite from behaving like a lunatic on I-90’s traffic.

The owners behind the counter have that typical Bharath-style understated air of friendliness, and the place has bare minimum look. But somehow the whole package radiates that homey, comfortable feel. Of course what matters most is the pizza they dish out. At a time when Domino’s and Pizza Hut can make a pie enthusiast weep, this little pizza parlor, with its Indian -inspired pies and cult like following is just enough of a good thing to create hope in a pizza fan’s heart. One bite, and even Dylan W’s ilk can’t help but praise out loud, “Thank the Lord for Curry, finally, a pizza-pie with some pizzazz”!

Don’t forget the dahi (yogurt) dip they give free with the pizza.

Butter Paneer Pizza from Can-Am, Bellevue

Perfect Pie on a Super Bowl Sunday.

Can-Am, Bellevue:
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~ Indira

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