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Plum Fruit Chaat

Assortment of Stone Fruits
Assortment of Fruits ~ Plums, Apple and Ruby Orange

We, my walking partner and I, march through Pike Place to return home. We have noticed that everyday between 2 and 4 in the afternoon, bags of produce would be available at some stalls in one dollar bins. Each bag contains an assortment of fruits, vegetables or greens. The produce is usually a day or two old, most of it looks good and edible. The assorted fruits photographed above are from yesterday’s catch. I bought them for one dollar and my walking buddy purchased a bag of spring salad mix. She prepared turkey wrap with salad for supper and me a fruit chaat for dessert. I found the plums ripe and juicy. Royal Gala apple firm and sweet. Ruby orange juice tartly-sweet. I added little bit chaat masala to the cut fruits and tossed them together. Fruit chaats are always popular and this juicy, sweet version is no exception. Colorful and satisfying, this delightful treat turned out to be the highlight of our meal experience.

(Use your favorite fruits in this recipe, if you prefer.)

5 plums – peel the skin. Halve. Remove the seed. Slice to small
1 apple – peel, core and slice to bite-sized pieces.
Ruby orange – cut and squeeze the juice
¼ teaspoon each – salt, black pepper and amchur powder

Take salt, black pepper and amchur in a mortar. With a pestle gently mix them together. This is chaat masala, my version. You could also add cumin to the mix.

Take the fruits in a bowl. Pour over the ruby orange juice. Sprinkle the chaat masala. Add honey or sugar if you like. Toss. Spoon the chaat into cups. Enjoy. Makes two to four servings.

Fruit Chaat
India Inspired Fruit Chaat with Plums ~ Welcoming Seattle Spring

Fruit Chaat – Health Labels:
Traditional India-Vegan, Raw and Wholesome Food
Plums, what are they good for?: Health Benefits

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  1. Hi Indira: droolworthy:)

    Another seasoning we use is Kala Namak or Saindhav namak for fruit chaat. These two kinds of salt are supposed to have carminative properties according to Ayurveda. The fruit sugars tend to ferment in the stomach as anyone who has eaten certain types of melon may have experienced. And as you probably already know, they do seem to draw out the sweetness of the fruits even more.

    Very popular in Banglore too this fruit chaat.

    Comment by Janani — March 26, 2008 @ 5:25 pm

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