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Jihva 08

Peacock Sugar Sculptures

Jihvā, the online food blogging event will be two years old this April. Each month a natural, wholesome ingredient was selected and featured, and during last year over a span of 12 months, a total of about 1500 entries and recipes flew in from across the world. The year started with Green leafy vegetables and moved on to Jackfruit, Brinjal, Mirchi, Rice, Banana, Diwali Treats, Toor Dal, Cocoa/Chocolate, Onions, Lemons/Limes and ended with Garlic goodness. My sincere thanks to the hosts Bee&Jai, Sangeeta, Nandita, Sharmi, Mandira, Vee, Linda, Deepz, Radhika, Coffee and Mathy Kandasamy. Also to all the participants for investing their effort and energy to create such wonderful cookery resource through Jihvā. Great job!

For Jihva year 08, I would like to extend an invitation to fellow bloggers. If you have a natural ingredient that you feel strongly about and would like to highlight it, then this is your chance. Here is more about this event.

What is Jihvā ?
Jihvā, the Sanskrit word means taste, desire and deep longing. This powerful word also represents tongue and taste buds.

What is Jihvā for Ingredients?
I believe for Jihvā to happen, it’s all in the ingredients and how they are prepared. Jihvā for Ingredients (JFI) is an online monthly food event, celebrating the Ingredients and what they can do for our Jeevā.

What are the guidelines to host?
1. Feature any natural ingredient and there are many.
2. I’d greatly appreciate if you could pick an ingredient related to India or Indian cuisine. (Which style of cuisine that ingredient prepared is, of course it’s up to the choice of participants).
3. Announce the event on your blog by 3rd of previous month. This will give plenty of time for the participants to shop, prepare, write and post their contribution.

Interested to host the Jihva event?
Mail me stating your preference of month. Food bloggers with great passion for Jihva only, please. Once confirmed, your website name will appear on the calendar below.
Update: Thanks for your interest and participation. All slots are filled up for this Jihva year, and the invitation is closed at this time. No Emails please.

Congratulations to Jihva hosts!

Jihva Year 2008 Calendar
(May 08 – April 09)

Monsoon Spice
Ammalu’s Kitchen
My Creative Ideas
Tasty Palettes
Sometime Foodie
Live to Eat
Cooking for All Seasons
Soul Food
The Cooker
Roma’s Space

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