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Fresh Peas of Summer & Guggullu

Fresh Green Peas of Summer

Though I enjoy vegetable shopping, I rarely get excited about it. Squeals and mile length smiles – I reserve them for rare finds like fresh plump pea pods. Late June is fresh pea time here in Ohio. Though peas are always found in frozen grocery section, I miss the taste and experience of shelling the fresh peas out of pods. This was one of those cherished practices from my Indian days.

We often hear that frozen veggies are same as fresh ones. Freshly shelled peas prove in a bite that it’s not true. Frozen peas do start out as fresh but all that freezing temperature and the ugly plastic wrap, bumping from one warehouse to another, finally when we open the packet – they would come out all shriveled up and lie there listless, looking at us ‘daya karo’ (merci). At that stage, I guess they are like us at the end of our lives – spent up but full of saccharine wisdom. In contrast the peas that are freshly shelled from fat pods are like cherubic faced babies, all plump and round, bouncing and rolling around. Full of energy and life force, tempting us to get hold of them. For that unforgettable sweet pea taste we would do just that.

Here in US, the capital of all things frozen, finding these green gems fresh is almost like buying emerald Cabs. So precious, so few and so pricey! Last Sunday I got lucky and bought 3 pounds of fresh peas for about 5 dollars, from the local farmers market. After the indulgence, what left was a cup of shelled peas and I have prepared Guggullu with them. Just a simple 5-minute saut? of green peas with finely chopped red onions pieces. Touch of black pepper, salt and fresh grated coconut, they are done. Quick and great tasting traditional Indian recipe to enjoy fresh green peas.

Batani Guggullu (Fresh Peas Summer Salad)

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  1. “We often hear that frozen veggies are same as fresh ones”

    hahaha.Who said that? Can you send them to me? 🙂 . Forzen Food Capital of the World. Apt!

    Btw, I remember reading somwhere that you wanted to make puttu but lack the gagdet,I have blogged about puttu without the gadget. Sorry for posting this in this blog.

    Love LG.

    Indira replies:
    That’s terrific! Thanks so much for the link and the detailed recipe, LG.

    Comment by L.G — June 28, 2006 @ 12:34 am

  2. Shelling of fresh peas is a divine experience. Though most of the peas end up in your mouth instead of the pot while shelling. Is guggulu eaten as a tea time snack or with chapatis?? The container or the serving bowl is really cute

    Comment by Eve — June 28, 2006 @ 1:26 am

  3. Indira,
    I agree with you there. Frozen peas are NOT like fresh peas. Nope.
    I hope to see fresh peas in the markets here soon.

    Comment by Vaishali — June 28, 2006 @ 4:01 am

  4. I too hate frozen peas..its just not the same…they taste sweetish, and never stay firm 🙁
    But when it comes to shelling peas, its the green worms I associate it with!

    Comment by shub — June 28, 2006 @ 5:47 am

  5. Cannot agree more. Shelling peas is such a rare event that everyone in our house gathers in the kitchen to participate :-)Wonderful pics as always

    Comment by Krithika — June 28, 2006 @ 8:49 am

  6. What an amazing pic,as always..Those green pearls looks beautiful!

    Comment by Annita — June 28, 2006 @ 9:31 am

  7. Nice photos, Indira

    Comment by Archana — June 28, 2006 @ 10:03 am

  8. Love the second picture ! Beautiful Colors and the lighting is prefect Indira !!

    Comment by Priya — June 28, 2006 @ 10:44 am

  9. Hi Indira,

    I love the way u describe the things on ur website, “cherubic faced babies, all plump and round, bouncing and rolling around” hahaha thats very cute, as always the pictures are lovely too.


    Comment by Menaka — June 28, 2006 @ 11:17 am

  10. Such a witty play of words Indira. Full of saccahrine wisdom. Oh yes 🙂
    We get this snack in certain areas in Bombay. Its usually made with harbara ie. fresh green chana. I have never tried it with peas…must be super yummy.

    Comment by Ashwini — June 28, 2006 @ 11:37 am

  11. “spent up but full of saccharine wisdom” – hahaha, I LOVED that phrase! 🙂 I like shelling peas, but I’m always terrified of meeting a fat green worm (I’ve met a few in India and never liked any of them!).

    Comment by shammi — June 28, 2006 @ 11:50 am

  12. I thought fresh green peas are available only in frozen form! I have never seen them fresh. Loved the photos.

    Comment by RP — June 28, 2006 @ 12:33 pm

  13. Loved your write-up, Indira. how lucky!!! You found peas pods. I shelled my share of them recently on trip to india. And I agree, most of them end up in my mouth…

    Comment by Vee — June 28, 2006 @ 2:42 pm

  14. Ha ha i agree the description of cherubic faced babies all plump and round bouncing and rolling around was really cute. you could alsmost see them doing that.. laughing and rolling and giggling while indira sautes them in oil..(by the way how do you add smileys here)

    Comment by Eve — June 28, 2006 @ 4:55 pm

  15. I just love the simple and pure taste in your cooking! Saw some fresh peas in stores, look very old though, still cost me over 3 dollars for a small pack…
    Indira, great photos! The second one has a very nice DOF.

    Comment by gattina — June 28, 2006 @ 4:59 pm

  16. Hi Indira,
    The peas look very good. I reember my mom used to make Matar Pulao with these fresh shelled ones…and they tasted divine…the slightly sweet taste of the fresh peas beats it all!
    And about the green worms every body else is discussing, I came across three in my cilantro and cauliflower here in America…so it just isn’t India that has worms mixed in with the veggies.

    Comment by Nabeela — June 28, 2006 @ 6:08 pm

  17. Hi Indira

    U know what I did today morning. I looked that peas foto and the cooked peas foto – the fotos are aaaamazing and forgot to notice my boss was standiing right behind me oooppssss…
    Who knows he will also become an fan of your site…

    Comment by Revathi — June 28, 2006 @ 6:10 pm

  18. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed this piece on peas and thanks all for your nice comments.
    Looking forward to reading your recipes with fresh summer peas.
    RP, that’s for you too. 🙂
    Eve: Usually as an evening snack with tea or coffee. For smile symbol – space, colon and bracket.
    Revathi : Blog surfing while the boss is looking on. Oy…:)

    Comment by Indira — June 28, 2006 @ 10:47 pm

  19. What wonderful photos! I enjoy Ethiopian cooking, but haven’t done much with Indian…yet!

    Mary, mom to many

    Comment by owlhaven — June 29, 2006 @ 12:41 am

  20. Wow Indira! what a wonderful description over a vegetable. I’ve never tasted it before.but the way you expressed its nature and the picture presentation itself is making me try that. so soon i’ll be having a nice snack. yaaaaay.

    Comment by bharghavi — June 29, 2006 @ 9:30 am

  21. Frozen vegetables,fruits..yes, they make our life easy but behind that we are forgetting the real taste of them. Thanks indira for reminding us the difference.

    Comment by sudha — June 29, 2006 @ 10:54 am

  22. boy! do i miss fresh peas and gobbling the smaller and sweeter ones while shelling them..everyone sitting on the floor and discretely eating more than shelling and mom keeping an eye on the shelled peas, so that a fist full doesnt diappear into my mouth…me wants :((
    ..and i love this dish!!

    Comment by disha — June 29, 2006 @ 11:47 am

  23. Hi Indira,
    I am big fan of your website. Haven’t tried a lot of recipes but the presentation, colors and pic’s are fabulous and they tempt me to try all. I tried adding avacado in the roti dough and the roti did come out very soft. I will be trying red bell pepper chutney today..
    Thanks a lot for sharing all these wonderful recipes. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Lata — June 29, 2006 @ 4:13 pm

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