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Embroidery and Cross Stitch:

Few days ago, Shammi of Food in the Main has posted her completed piece of embroidery design. I felt happy to see her beautiful piece and I thought it would be wonderful to share some of my finished works.

The pieces in the first photo are my first finished projects that I had done here in the US. Includes two small size needlework flower pieces, and one big embroidery flower bouquet piece. The photo below shows the embroidery design in close up.

The above cross-stitch work is really my all time favorite design. It is called Peacock Tapestry and designed by talented Teresa Wentzler. Some of her elaborate cross-stitch designs are work of art and she pays incredible amount of attention to details and colors as you can see. I have worked for about 4 months, non-stop on this piece. To this day, I still think all that effort was worth my time.

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