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10 Things I Miss of Mom’s Cooking ~ MEME

Mother and Daughters on a Warm Summer Full-Moon Night
Mother and Daughters on Rooftop Terrace, Enjoying Summer Full-Moon Night with Food and Play

10 Things I Miss most about my amma’s cooking:

Kind and generous
Selfless devotion
Calm assurance
Thoughtful persistence
Naive innocence
Innate strong desire to please others
And of course without saying goes
Stubbornly unyielding, overbearing and irritating

These are the things that I remember about my mom’s cooking. My relationship with my mother and her cooking is a typical mother-daughter food relationship. What it’s not is, all lovey-dovey all the time. Sometimes, I was a demanding daughter foodwise. Tantrums and outbursts from me when I was little were part of her life. Over the years, what I learned about her is she is just like me, a human being, not a superwoman with magical powers.

But I do absolutely worship what she represents, a lifestyle so different from mine and a culinary style so genuinely charming, that’s what I remember and miss the most about her cooking and have been trying to capture in my foodblog. Example is the image below.

Mango dal and rice mudda in a sabudana papad
Pure Love and Affection ~ Amma Mudda (Mango Dal Mixed with Rice & Ghee)

Thanks Revathi for tagging me and to Garam Masala for thinking of this wonderful meme to honor the mother figure in our lives.

My tags: It would be a pleasure to read what Gattina, Evil Jonny and soon to be mom Kay say about their mom/mother figure. As Garam Masala mentioned in her meme, you could list recipe names, food traditions, or anything you’d miss about mom’s cooking. Thank you!

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