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Green Garbanzo (Hare Chana)

Guggullu (Sundal):

Fresh Green Garbanzos ~ Pods and Shelled

Popular seasonal treat of India, fresh garbanzo beans are a true delight. Their sweet nutty flavor makes them a great snack. I am extremely fond of fresh garbanzos when they are prepared in traditional Guggullu style.

Here is the basic Guggullu recipe:

Shell green garbanzos from the pods.
Bring a pot of water to boil.
Add and cook garbanzos for about 2 minutes and drain. (Fresh green garbanzos are like freshly shelled peas. They cook fast and for this recipe, sometimes we add them raw also.)
In a skillet, heat oil.
Add and saute fresh curry leaves and finely sliced shallots/red onions to golden.
Add the garbanzos. Sprinkle salt, red pepper flakes, grated coconut and turmeric. Mix and cook for a couple of minutes.
Serve hot with some lemon juice sprinkled on.

Guggullu with Green Garbanzos

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