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Pala Kova Filled Jackfruits

Pala Kova Panasa Thonalu :

Ripe Jackfruit

Jackfruit is known to make people leap.

Jumping jacks or darne se gayab, the fruit dinosaur incites strong reaction in many. For us, it’s always been a lovable giant. The crusty exterior masks the sweet tasting, nutritional delights inside and ripe fruit perfume alone makes up the lack of outside glamour. This enchanting giant of fruit kingdom is finally getting its Jihvā fame, thanks to laudable choice by the Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi. Jackfruit is the June Jihvā Ingredient.

My contribution to Jihvā Jackfruit is this. Ripe jackfruit filled with homemade Pala Kova. Even if you don’t like Pala Kova, the jackfruit will be there to satisfy the sweet tooth.:), or vice-versa.

Jackfruit Filled with Pala Kova
Jackfruit Filled with Pala Kova (Pala Kova Panasa Thonalu)~ for JFI Jackfruit

Prepare Pala Kova following the recipe directions listed here.
Fill the jackfruits with Pala Kova.

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