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Person Extraordinaire :: A Tribute to Sri. Gunampally Pulla Reddy

Sweet makers are many but only few have the power to wow us. Sri G. Pullareddy is one of them. One of the greatest sweet makers in the world, his sweet shops in Andhra are renowned for great tasting, traditional sweets. Receiving and giving Pulla Reddy sweets is always considered special. Pure quality and perfection, Pulla Reddy sweets have been a part of many of my life’s important celebrations.

Sri G. Pulla Reddy was popular for his sweets but, he also did a great service to the society. He established many educational institutions, hospitals and orphanages. He is a true epitome of hard work, human values and philanthropy. He did not receive any formal education and yet he is one of the greatest business successes of India. He started life empty handed, yet filled the hands of thousands with education and opportunities. He was also a true believer in our culture and values.

Sri. G. Pulla Reddy passed away on 9th May 2007, at an age of 87 years. He is not among us anymore, but his values, courage, work ethics and dedication to society will remain with us for ever.


Cashew Sweet from G.Pulla Reddy Sweet Shop from Hyderabad
Cashew Sweet from G.Pulla Reddy Sweet Shop

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