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Indian Kitchen

Indian cuisine requires lot of ingredients and utensils which are unique to this style of cookery. When you try to find a picture or details of these ingredients on the Internet, you would seldom find any. This is especially true for some simple cooking tools like a wood masher (for preparing dal) or a spice box, vegetables like drumsticks etc.,

Wouldn’t it be great to share images of Indian Kitchen with the world? I know, I would be very happy to see images of this kind on the Net. If you are interested, join me and please post a picture of your Indian kitchen ingredient/utensil or a tool every Sunday or any day convenient for you. The item could be unique, common or anything in-between. On every Monday, I will add a link of your specific post on my website.

I thought of doing this, because it’s always a visual treat to find the images you are searching for. When these images are put on the net, search engines like Yahoo and Goggle would be able to show them for everybody’s use and ofcourse the main purpose of this fun, group project is creating an online Indian glossary in images.

All are welcome to show off their Indian Kitchen ingredients/things.


Added on November 27th, 2005

I want to do this but with the current settings and features I have on my web site, it’s not going to work as I thought of doing. So I would keep the idea of creating an online “Indian glossary in images” on hold, for a while. Currently I am working to make a detailed categories and subcategories in a new section on this website. When I complete my work on this, I will start asking for your help and participation again for “Indian Kitchen”.

You all have shown lot of enthusiasm in this project, I really appreciate your time and input. Thank you!

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