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This Week in Indian Kitchen

This week in Indian kitchen images ~ It’s Mandoline, Coconut Scraper, Idly stand, Tongs(Idukki, Pattakara), Idiyappam wood mold, Spice box and stainless steel Ghee holder.

Nupur's MandolineFrom Nupur of One Hot Stove kitchen, comes this beautiful image of Mandoline or vegetable slicer. Low in price but a very handy tool in kitchen to cut, slice and to shred vegetables. Allure of home made potato chips is what made this tool, a must have thing in all our kitchens, I think.

Indian Coconut ScraperLera of Myriad Tastes sent me these two beautiful images via email. Coconut scraper to shred coconut from fresh coconut and idly stand to make idlis.

Idly Stand

Making Idlis using Idly stand Shammi of Food In The Main showed us in beautiful images, how she makes idlies using the idly mould.

Indian Tongs (Idukki, Pattakara) Mika from The Green Jackfruit sent this beautiful image of ‘Tongs(Idukki or Pattakara), a must have thing in an Indian kitchen to hold different kinds of hot vessels and also to prevent burnt hands. Very useful indeed.

Idiyappam Wooden Mold, with Idiyappam , Spice Box with Glass Lid, Ghee Holder and with spoon Priya from Arkansas sent me via email, these beautiful images of Idiyappam wood mold and idiyappam batter(white dough), Spice box with a glass lid for holding various spices in one neat container and a traditional Indian stainless steel ghee holder.

Thank you Nupur, Lera, Shammi, Mika and Priya for sending these gorgeous images for “Indian Kitchen“.

I want to do this but with the current settings and features I have on my web site, it’s not going to work as I thought of doing. So I would keep the idea of creating an online ‘Indian glossary in images’ on hold, for a while. Currently I am working to make a detailed categories and subcategories in a new section on this website. When I complete my work on this, I will start asking for your help and participation again for ‘Indian Kitchen’.

You all have shown lot of enthusiasm in this project, I really appreciate your time and input. Thank you!

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