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Celebrating Sankranthi

The holiday season is my favorite time of the year and our holiday or rather festival season starts with Vinayaka Chavati in August ends with Sankranthi, in January. First Vinayaka Chavati, then Dasera, Deepavali and Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas, rolling right on through the New years eve to Sankranthi. In between all these festivities, both of our birthdays and our marriage day falls. So every year, I look forward to August, for good times. And the Hindu festivals I listed above, are major ones, if one follows a true Hindu calendar, it’s going to be a festival, every other week.:)

To celebrate Sankranthi on 14th, we invited few of our Pittsburgh friends for festival lunch and we are planning to prepare a traditional meal. The menu we finalized is this:

Traditional Festival Day Lunch Menu:
Papads – sabudana, rice and urad dal varieties
Bajjis – Onion and potato
Pulihora (Tamarind Rice)
Plain rice
Tomato Dal
Okra Sambhar
Potato Curry- festival day type
Drumstick (Munaga) kurma
Peanut chutney – Rayala seema style
For Naivedyam – Sweet Pongal, the traditional sweet of Sankranthi
Cashew – Walnut Laddu
Fruit Platter

I’ve shopping to do, house to clean, puja mandir to decorate and some prep work to do in the kitchen before Saturday. So, see you all after Sankranthi and have a great Sankranthi celebration or a neat weekend.

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