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Steelers Pittsburgh

Images of Pittsburgh on this Super Bowl Weekend.

 Heinz Stadium - Steelers Home
Heinz Stadium (Steelers Home) – On a Regatta Day

 Cathedral of Learning - University of Pittsburgh
Cathedral of Learning – University of Pittsburgh

 Downtown Pittsburgh on a Beautiful Sunny Day Sri Venkateswara Temple, Pittsburgh
Downtown Pittsburgh on a beautiful sunny day…………….Sri Venkateswara Temple, Pittsburgh

Photographs © Vijay Singari

Very detailed and well written article about the condition of Pittsburgh for burgh fans by Charles McCollester from Monthly Review.


“Pittsburgh is little known or appreciated nationally despite the important role that the city played in the rise of U.S. global power. Pittsburgh’s birth occurred at the cutting edge of imperial French and British expansion into the heartland of the continent. The city’s rapid decline coincided with the recent assumption of global imperial power by the United States. In between these two eruptions of global imperial realities into southwest Pennsylvania flows a story of collective work, struggle, and skill that arguably created the most productive region on the earth between 1880 and 1950 considering both diversity and volume of production.”

“Plant-closing activists in the 1980s used to refer to what was happening to Pittsburgh and other manufacturing centers as “breaking America’s backbone.” Now the once muscular city lies on the operating table surrounded by ideologues with knives, its public services and union contracts are of being eviscerated. While the black and gold faithful from coast to coast sport colors in salute to their team, Pittsburgh itself is being gutted economically without anesthesia or mercy.”

“The glory that is Pittsburgh today derives from its stunning beauty and historic character, its people and its memories. Sitting in a natural amphitheater carved by the three rivers, its hillsides green and leafy, its rivers once again filling with fish, its neighborhoods a crazy quilt of accommodation with its convoluted geography, the town has character and complexity. Pittsburgh has always been a proud place despite the often bitter labor relations that played a significant role in its history. What has remained true is an intense loyalty to this rooted locale: its neighborhoods and hollows, its forgotten corners and “seldom seens,” its churches, teams, taverns, schools, and unions. A loyalty from the heart beats in the Pittsburgh Nation, at home and away, waving the ‘terrible towel’ of memory.”

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