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Puffy P Egg (Egg Puff with Paratha)

Jeanne of EoMEoTE fame invited me to participate in this month’s egg extravaganza, event dedicated to celebrate the goodness of eggs every month with colorful themes. This month theme is weaving a tabloid story around egg recipes. Celebrity gossip, na… but politics…oh boy, they are like hot popcorn to me. I can’t get enough of that gossip and can spend hours and hours reading all sorts of political tedious minutia. They fascinate me, its like following street theater, but with real people (?) who got the power to make decisions that would affect us all. The noise machine, money changing hands and hidden agendas, bad guys and good guys to root for, what’s not to love?:)

Well, this article is written in a political tabloid (=mainstream) story style. I know the saying out there, that people don’t like to spoil their beautiful brains with unpleasantries of politics. So I am cautioning you my gentle reader, what’s ahead of you is a pure political piece – US style.


A one powerful chicken egg whose campaign slogan is ‘incredible edible egg’ coming out of a relaxing sauna vacation. Very popular already and 50 percent of people like him left and right.

Journalists taking pictures and throwing out questions:

Sir, Mr. Egg, your slogan “incredible edible egg” is very catchy.
Thank you, thank you.

But sir, people are saying edible is alright but the incredible part, that is a tad over hyped? What is your response?
Egg: aahh… oohh…

(The Egg is a puppet of course. The powerful puppet masters who have a stake in Egg success, the Egg council members come forward and answer.)
It’s no hype! Egg is not only edible but it is 100 percent incredible! You don’t believe it? Well, we are going to bombard you with advertisements until the slogan is ingrained in your brain. Got it? Ha…ha…

A journalist who can speak Indian languages:
Sir, I have tasted some eggs in India, precisely in Nandyala. They didn’t smell or tasted like you. Are you sure you are a real egg? Not a product of artificial hormones?
The Egg, huffing and puffing: Ya, we know you can speak foreign languages. What a showoff (snickers). I have fans that traveled all over the US. Well they say, I am the real thaa…ng.

Is it safe to eat you regularly?
That’s it folks, I have to go…

There are reports that your yellow is not good for health?
No comment… runs off.

Few hours later, the breaking news at a political scandal website:

Puffy P. Egg?
The Incredible Edible Egg Caught with Indian Paratha:

Our sources caught the Incredible Edible Egg wrapped up in Indian paratha and looking all red and puffed up at a home in small town USA. Our close sources who are following this story and who are also friends to The Incredible Edible Egg are saying that this is an unfortunate incident and mistaken identity. The Egg actually went into the house expecting a puff pastry wrap. Our sources are also saying that the homeowner deliberately planned to showcase Egg in a non-traditional, compromising wrap.

We interviewed some common people; they are saying that they

are disappointed in Incredible Edible Egg. “He should have followed the traditional method and should have wrapped himself in puff pastry. Indian paratha? Whoever heard of that?” That is the current buzz in the street, folks.

Will this latest scandal damage the squeaky clean Egg reputation?

We will let you know as soon as we find more information. For more updates of this breaking story and for more salacious Egg scandals, visit Jeanne’s EoMEoTE, your one stop gossip central of all things Egg.

Journalismistic:) Piece by Indira

Hard-boiled and shelled egg is wrapped in store-bought frozen paratha and baked at 350 F for about 20 minutes.

Golden and Flaky ‘Puffy P Egg’ (Egg Puff Prepared with Paratha) and Ketchup ~ My Entry to EoMEoTE

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