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Pomegranate Sherbet (Danimma/Anar Sherbet)

We live in downtown, Seattle next to an interstate. Noise and activity, even with doors and windows closed, seep in to my home and would surround us 24 hours of the day. Lately the same thing is happening at my blog space. Too much activity, along with some unwelcome noise in the form of comments.

Peace and positive energy are very much a priority at my home right now. So I’ve decided to close the comments on current posts for few days. Old posts (at least one week old) will be opened for commenting, mainly for those of you – the passionate cooks ardent in sharing your food experiences on Mahanandi just like me. This is my way to keep things subdued around here and also to exercise my opinion sharing freely on food related topics/politics that interest me without the ‘back and forth’ reply spectacle.

For the New Year celebrations, we’ve kept the food preparation simple. Vijay has prepared Chitrannam. I on the otherhand made cashew sweet and pomegranate sherbet (Danimma/Anar Juice with soda water). That was the menu. Jewel like seeds of pomegranate, when crushed deliver strong sweet-sour juice and when mixed with plain soda, make an impressive sherbet. One can’t help but say ‘Wow’ while sipping it. Good combination with chitrannam.

Pomegranate (Anar, Danimma)

Place the pomegranate seeds in a blender. Add little water and sugar to your taste. Blend them well. Strain the juice with tea/coffee filter to remove seed particles. Pour pomegranate juice into glasses and add plain cold soda to taste. Serve immediately.

For 2 glasses of sherbet, I have blended 2 cups of seeds from 2 medium sized fruits, with half cup of water and one tablespoon of sugar. Filled the glasses with half cold soda water and half juice. Tasted lip puckering good.

Pomegranate Juice (Danimma Rasam)
Pomegranate (Danimma/Anar) ~ Fruit and Sherbet

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