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Snoqualmie Falls ~ Weekend Seattle Blogging

Seattle and surrounding areas are studded with spectacular waterfalls. The volcanic Cascade Mountains, glaciers and year round rainfall – the result is 1266 well documented Washington state waterfalls. We wanted to see at least few that are near to us. That’s what we did during our short summer break last week.

The first one in our list was Snoqualmie Falls (map). 25 miles east of Seattle, Snoqualmie River cascades 270 feet through an impressive, “u” shaped rock gorge. This is Snoqualmie Falls, one of the Washington state’s most popular scenic attractions. It’s about a 30 minute drive from our home. We had visited the falls on a week day, still the place had a healthy amount of visitors. Weekends must attract big crowds during summer times. The falls and the surrounding area has well maintained look. Few steps from car parking lot, there is an observation platform (upper deck) that offers an outstanding view of the falls. Perched on the overlook to the falls there is a lodge, a restaurant, gift shop and few picnic tables in a small park like setting, all very near to the observation deck and car parking lot.

There is also a river trail. It’s a pleasant half-mile walk through trees and open slopes, ending with a fantastic bird’s eye view of the falls. There is a small power plant near the base and behind it is a somewhat hidden wooden walkway. Don’t miss this part of the trail and follow the signs. A short boardwalk leads to another observation platform (lower deck), which offers great views of how the thundering falls turn to roaring rapids to gentle river flow.

Snoqualmie Falls is a peaceful place to spend a summer afternoon. We very much enjoyed our visit to this falls.

Here are some photos of Snoqualmie falls and Snoqualmie valley wild flowers.

Snoqualmie Waterfalls ~ View From Upper Observation Deck

Snoqualmie Waterfalls ~ View From Lower Observation Deck

Roaring Rapids ~ Snoqualmie River

Wild Flower in Snoqualmie Valley

Pretty Flower From the Valley

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