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Boodida Gummadi Pulusu

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I have become an enthusiastic fan of boodida gummadi this season. It’s nutritional qualities, versatility and low cost are the big plus points, but what made it irresistible for me is the sweet taste and no pumpkin smell. This white fleshed boodida gummadi also known as ash gourd and winter melon is nothing like red pumpkin. Do try if you come across this one at Indian or Chinese grocery shops.

I was talking to my mother this morning, and asked her what to make with boodida gummadi. The following is her recipe. No onion-garlic-ginger masala, no seeds or tomatoes, it’s a very light kind of dish. A good recipe for detox diet, and what I needed today. Amma saved the day, once more again.

Winter Melon, Ash Gourd or Boodida Gummadi
Boodida Gummadi (Ash Gourd or Winter Melon)


1 teaspoon peanut oil
1 sprig fresh curry leaves, pinch each cumin, mustard seeds and hing
Boodida Gummadi: white part cut to ½-inch cubes, four cups
2 tablespoons watery tamarind extract, freshly squeezed from pulp
2 tablespoons jaggery
2 tablespoons rice, powdered (any variety will do, I added rosematta)
¼ teaspoon each – turmeric, red chilli powder
Salt to taste

Place a saucepan on stove-top. Add peanut oil and when it’s hot, add and toast curry leaves, cumin and mustard seeds, along with a pinch of hing. Don’t forget hing (asafoetida), this is what livens up this detox diet. Toast for couple of seconds.

Add the boodida gummadi to the pot, along with a cup of water. Cover and simmer, until the white become translucent pearl, for about ten minutes.

Now add the tamarind extract, jaggery, rice powder, turmeric, chilli powder and salt. Mix. Simmer, covered for another five to ten minutes. Serve warm.

This is a watery preparation, traditionally served with rice and papads. We had it with buckwheat (soba) noodles for our meal.

Boodida Gummadi Pulusu with Buckwheat Noodles
Boodida Gummadi Pulusu with Buckwheat Noodles ~ Health Rejuvenator & Meal Today

Recipe Source: Amma, Nandyala
Boodida gummadi cultivation in India using traditional methods – Link

~ Indira

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  1. It is superb. i tried this today. it is wonderful.

    Thank you for giving us such good recepies

    Hari Priya Ramaraju

    Comment by Hari Priya — March 5, 2008 @ 11:53 pm

  2. HI Indira,

    I tried this recipe yesterday. It came out well. But I modifed the recipe by adding onin and tomato. My DH was very reluctent to eat because he says in his house they never ever used bodidagoomadi because of the fear of getting some diseases. I didn’t undertand anything of it. But I liked the recipe and had it whole thing myself
    thank you.

    Comment by laxmi — March 6, 2008 @ 9:23 am

  3. Hi Indra ji,
    I found pumpkins in the indian shop last week & i bought a slice of it. Though i like the watery..sweet.. pumpkin sambar so much, i donno to make one & was searching for the recipe. There i found your recipe & gave it a was really really good like “The classical” sambar my mom makes..thanks a lot

    Comment by viji — August 26, 2008 @ 1:36 pm

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