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Seattle Eateries ~ Michou

Michou, Seattle

Michou is a nice place to get some fresh, inexpensive and quality food at Pike Place Market in Seattle. This is a small eatery between Le Panier and Piroshky Piroshky.

We stumbled upon Michou last summer in one of our Pike Place food quests. It has become a regular lunch stop on the weekends since then. This is a barebone kind of eatery – food display counter, prep area, and three seats in the back. That’s it. But the food is really great and prices are budget friendly. We usually get our meal to-go and walk to the nearby park overlooking Elliott Bay. We pick a park bench, enjoy our food with view.

Go the market on the weekend around ten, do veggie shopping and walk back home after a lunch at Michou – This has been our routine last summer, and hoping to have the same this summer also.

Asian and Italian inspired deli food ranging from pakora, panini, pasta, pizza to potato-baked. Plus nice variety of sandwiches, soups and salads. Half a sandwich and a salad, it’s about $5.75.

Friendly face behind the counter.

Salad, Broccoli-Bell Pepper Pizza and Baklava ~
Picnic at Pike Place. Bonus, Elliott Bay View

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