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Supporting Inji Pennu

For taking action to stop plagiarism, fellow food blogger Inji Pennu of Ginger and Mango was threatened bodily harm. A fake website was also created on her name by people who run website, to abuse and harass her. Inji Pennu has reported to FBI Internet Crime cell, and also in the process of filing a complaint with local police.

It is shocking to find such threatening attacks against bloggers who did nothing but plead ‘Stop Stealing My Material’. Like one commenter noted, the whole incident, to me serves as a rude awakening to the realization that how easily our primary rights and protection can be violated by those who do not have any respect for others’ rights. This is a fundamental issue of the bloggers not only of those who are now affected, but also of everybody. In that sense, this is an issue that should receive our collective attention. For that reason, I am joining the protest against cyber bullying by websites and magazines that plagiarize and attack. And, I give my full support to Inji Pennu.

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