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Fall is here in Boardman, Ohio:

Fall in Boardman, Ohio

Fall in Boardman, Ohio - 05, Oct

Extreme Makeover- Home Edition with Ty Pennington, the popular ABC series was in our town last week, rebuilding the house for a recently widowed teacher with three children. They completed the whole demolition and rebuilding in 7 days. The location was just a couple of blocks away from our house, with 24 hour local news coverage of their home rebuilding; we couldn’t resist and visited the site on 6th day. Like us, hundreds of people were there to see what was going on and also to cheer the crew and volunteers. I was able to take these two photos; the first one is Ty and the crew trailer parked on the neighbor’s lawn. The second photo is the star of show – ‘The new house‘ and the crowd.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Trailer in Boardman, Ohio

Doing the final touches to the new house -  For ABC series, Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Boardman, Ohio

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