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Please Note:

My sincere request to all of you sending me emails and comments and also all the new visitors to “Mahanandi”, please note:

I don’t do:
Recipe requests, catering or plan your buffet/birthday party meals, teach cooking lessons. I love taking pictures of food and blogging about them. That’s about it for now.

I don’t do:
Link exchange.

Also note:
I try to cook with consciousness paying attention to the ingredients and the cooking process instead of acting like a zombie, when I am preparing my meals. Mainly because stovetop cooking is not an exact science, and I hate being a slave to measuring cups and spoons. Please note that the recipe and the measurements here on “Mahanandi” should be used as guidelines only.

Regarding comments on Mahanandi:
I treat Mahanandi as my home. and If you do not have the common courtesy to behave, then I won’t hesitate to remove your presence.

I have been receiving lot of spam comments and emails of this nature hence this post, which is long overdue, I think. I hope for your understanding. Thanks!

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