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Pears of Autumn

Pears - Yellow, Green and Red

Pears of different kinds, each variety 99 cents a pound.

At Uwajimaya, a local family run Asian grocery shop, pears of all kinds are in. Green, red and yellow, like the breathtaking autumn colors, crisply fresh and tempting, I had to pick a pound of each variety.

That’s lot of fruits so I have prepared a fruit salad this afternoon. Peeled the fruits and cut them to cubes, that’s it. No dressing and nothing. Unambitious I was in my preparation. Even without the extras, the fruits with their aromatic sweetness filled us to satisfaction. Simple fruit salad and a big bowl of tomato chaaru with some leftover rice mixed in – misty steamy rasam and mellow fruitfulness to celebrate the autumn season.

Tomato Rasam with Rice and Pears Fruit Bowl ~ Celebrating the Autumn Colors

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