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Weekend This & That ~ About “Mahanandi Selections”

I have been thinking of finding someways to support and pay for the expenses of my blog hosting lately. The cost of hosting is also increasing with the traffic that I get to this site. Opening a storefront using seemed like a reasonable opportunity to go with, without cluttering my blog space with generic google ads. Hence I started “Mahanandi Selections”. would pay me a small commission for each purchase made through this store. If you have an account with Amazon and buying from there, I would like to ask you to go through my store to support Mahanandi. I’d only show limited selection (nine, 54 items) on my storefront, but you can also purchase anything available at through “Mahanandi Selections” either by using search button or sub categories.

I greatly appreciate your support. Thanks!

My Amazon Store

Mahanandi Selections: My Amazon E Store. If you have an account already at Amazon, search and shop through this site to support Mahanandi. Thank you!
Search, Shop and Support: Mahanandi Selections

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