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Tulip Balloon, Photo by Vijay Singari

“I need a fresh look.”

“OK, what do you have in mind?”

“Scrub the makeup you have layered on my face. Don’t you dare put new widget grafts, and No botox plug-ins!”

“But, the botox and skin-grafts are in vogue right now.”

“I know. I prefer my plain natural self. No makeup, no frills. Simple and clean.”

“OK. Done.”

“I feel fresh and peaceful.”

In a culinary web-world, where the latest fashion is silicone, my website Mahanandi is going back to cast-iron days. Basic, functional and durable. I call this new look enticing in an effortless manner.

Between the hubbubs of holiday hungama, we have made some time to spruce up my website. On my request, Vijay has designed a favicon to honor “Mahanandi, the temple town“. The favicon shows the first letter of Mahanandi (మహానంది) in Telugu. I think it looks nice.

I’ve updated the article and recipe index. My daily meal record has, over time, evolved into an elaborate feast, and I have tried as best I could to make it comprehensive and user-friendly. Instead of hiding behind passwords and special logins, I have kept the Index accessible to all, following the principles of Web 2.0:). Check it out, and if I missed some detail, please let me know.

With Vijay‘s help, I have installed a new web site called India Cookery – Food Stock Photography.

  • The gallery has 1,400 images of food ingredients, preparation process and the scrumptious end results related to Indian cuisine.
  • A neat keyword tag feature supports “search” function, and makes it easy to browse and find the food photos. (WIP)
  • With the “purchase cart” feature, you can easily print or digital download food images in different resolutions and sizes with a simple click.

This food stock photography website is in response to frequent image theft by some desperate newspapers and webzines. I hope they stop stealing images now, and purchase the photos legally. The gallery is open to all, and you can also download and attach the food photos to your articles or in your web design for a nominal fee.

After three years of free service to the community of food lovers, I finally made Mahanandi go green in an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint it is leaving on our family income. If it becomes self-sustainable, thanks to your generous support, I promise I will cut-off the symbiotic relationship with corporate megaliths.

An avid food enthusiast and my friend, Sreemathi Veena Parrikar accepted my request to write a regular column on Mahanandi. Her exceptional knowledge and writing skills would become an excellent addition to Mahanandi tradition.

I wish you all a culinary-adventure filled 2008!

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