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Oatmeal Upma

I love my spicy version of oatmeal. Just by adding the traditional Indian ingredients of upma, the bland oatmeal transforms into a spicy, feed me more, kind of mush. Add pickle or podi, you won’t believe how good it tastes.


Dry roast oats (I usually buy Quaker brand – old fashioned oats) in an iron skillet, until they leave their white color, for few minutes.

Finely chop one small onion, three green chillies, one garlic clove and 10 paisa size ginger.

Add one tsp of oil or ghee to a hot pan, do the popu or tiragmata, then add the finely chopped vegetables, saute to soft for few minutes.

For one cup of oats – add two cups of water and quarter teaspoon of salt. Close the lid and on high heat, bring the water to dancing stage (boil).

Now remove the lid and add oats, stirring continuously. Reduce the heat, let the oats cook, covered for about 5 to 8 minutes or until the oats absorb all the water. If you want, you can also add roasted peanuts or cashews at this stage, to make it more wholesome.

Serve the oatmeal upma warm. Best combination is Oatmeal upma and spicy dhalia powder (pappula podi).

Oatmeal Upma
Oatmeal Upma

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