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Condi Rice on Tsunami – Tsunami is “a wonderful opportunity” that “has paid great dividends for us ” – The rise of disaster capitalism

“My big concern is, the longer you keep them, the angrier they get. Eventually, you are going to send them home. Maybe the smarter thing is to execute everyone down there, because if you‘re going to send them back to the Arab world or the Islamic world angry as hell at us, they‘re going to be doing dirty stuff against us, right?” – Chris Mathews on Hardball.

“I think they would have been very happy to be allowed to defecate on themselves.” – Chris Wallace on Gitmo detainees.

“The Prison at Guantanamo Bay: Good for the Stock Market?” – Mental midgets on Fox Saturday morning show.

Hang them even before they tried in court, what do you call this witchland?
A – of course it’s The Graceland.

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A quick tale by Ammani.
Laser eyes – Nature’s beauty.

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