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Weekend Reading – Our School

Swami Vivekananda Vidyalaya

Some invest their money in stock market; we invested ours in our hometown. The school we built with the help of our family back in Nandyala, successfully completed 3 years this April. It’s a high risk, conscious kind of investment, mainly because no one in our family is in the education field until now and our goal is not geared towards profits.

Vijay and his equally talented brother Kiran, worked hard for the last three years, everyday. They designed the building, playground and education curriculum to create a good, quality environment for the children to learn. We started the school first with preschool – LKG, UKG, First class and then every year we are increasing the class to next level. Now we have upto third class. We have big plans for our school and ideas about what it should represent. The kind of education and adults it will create in future. This project is our labor of love and our passion.

This is one of the photos we took last year during our visit to school in Nandyala. Here, the children are all gathered for a school photo. Adorable and pretty innocent, healthy and full of energy – we were like them thirty years ago.

Swami Vivekananda Vidyalaya - School Children

More about our school project at –

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