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Burger and Fries ~ The Sweet Kind

We’ve received some unexpected guests yesterday and I had to prepare a quick appetizer/sweet. My guests are very Indian but their ‘chic’ children absolutely don’t like anything remotely Indian, that is what the parents informed us. So with the gifts they brought and with some things we purchased from the shop, I put together a quick appetizer/dessert mainly for children. There is no excuse to feed them this kind of stuff but that was all I’m able to comeup with and they seem to like my burger and french fries imitation.

I also prepared mango shakes to go with burger and french fries. My American fast food simulation seem to really impress the parents and their equally gullible children. After they left, I couldn’t refrain from temptation any longer, so I prepared this special burger for myself. First I took a photo and then I took a bite. The burger-fries are rich in calories and super rich in taste – the whole combination felt sinful, with all the chocolate, strawberry and mango flavors included. Imagine the taste if I had used the glazed donuts, instead of plain ones! It is a dare, any one?

Burger and Fries - The Sweet Kind

Shopping List & How to:
For Burgers: Donuts, glaze free(bun), brownies(patty), white chocolate(cheese).
Slice the donuts into half. Cut brownies into thin layers. Size the chocolate to match the size of cut brownie. Put together a sweet burger.
For ketchup:
Puree strawberries, orange juice and some honey for ketchup.
For french fries:
Peel the mango and slice the mango into thin french fry shaped pieces

Prerequisites to participate in dare: 4 miles running or walking:).
Recipe idea: Cooking show on TV

This is my entry to “Virtual Cooking Competition~Appetizers“, by VKN of My Dhaba. The gracious host has just announced the prize – 250 dollars, can you believe it?, for the winning entries and requesting your nominations for favorite entries. Go, nominate your favorites and have fun.

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