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Growing Menthi From Sprouts

Methi (Fenugreek) Sprouts

Menthi (Methi, Fenugreek) Sprouts (Planted on March 10th)

Methi growing in a container

Menthi growing in a container (On April 22nd)

Fresh baby methi (fenugreek) leaves

Closeup of baby menthi

I did the sprouting thing with methi to try methi sprouts salad last month and found that the salad was very bitter for my taste. I planted the leftover methi sprouts in a container. (Sprinkled the sprouts on soil and covered them loosely with soil.) Watered them daily and kept the container in direct sunlight. After a month, they are now at this size, growing healthy and in a beautiful shade of green. So pretty to look at.

I’ve plans to plant mint, coriander,tomato and peas. So what are you planning to grow this spring/summer?

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